I’ve been interviewing at a few companies lately. I’m a dev with ~6 years of experience with a specific language. Most of the experience comes from working in companies that developed their own software, not talking about cms stuff. Analytical, data tracking systems. Now working at a fintech. I’ve got an offer to work as a senior developer in a smaller tech team, with more salary. I’ve approached the current company about the offer and they told me that they don’t think I’m a senior dev and rather a strong mid level dev. The Hr also told me to think about if I’m really a senior and if the other companies expectations would be met. They would increase my salary, but not quite match it. It’s not too far off though. Their reasoning for this was that you need a lot of experience with their product (which does not correlate with seniorness of a developer, only the worth of specific employees for a company IMHO) and system architecture design. The problem is that we don’t see any tasks that could implement any system design for as log as I’ve worked here, so I don’t see how I could work into a senior role at this company. Of course imposter syndrome kicked in and I’m triple guessing myself if I should join the other company as a senior now. How should I aproach this? The current company is stressful to work at because of big workload, a lot of my coworkers think the same thing about the workload.

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    If you understand SOLID and OOP, functional programming, design patterns, architecture styles, and some cloud the ln with 6 years experience trying to apply that stuff and understand it, you're a senior IMO.
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    Go for it
    You were interviewing at other places for a reason. If the current place hasn't done anything to address those concerns go try something new. More varied experience will make a you a better dev and (more importantly) a better person
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    @Crost never did functional programming, but Other topics I feel I know good enough. Thanks
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    @PaaPsik Fuck the current place. You need new challenges.
    Seniority cannot be done by doing only one for years.
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    How to find out competence level - exception edition:

    Problem: Line of code is added and an exception occurs when running it.

    Junior: "Oh man what is it now?'; Proceeds to delete the whole line and find a solution to copy from StackOverflow.
    Medior: "What is this? Oh."; Proceeds to enter a correct solution as they encountered the error previously.
    Senior: Proceeds to actually read what the exception is and fixes it. :D
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    @magicMirror been only 7months at the current company ­čśä
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    The current is trying to keep you for as little as they can. Take the other gig. If your on paper title doesn't reflect what you actually do, put a title that does on your CV
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    Who gives a shit about senior/mid all that. There’s more money, and potentially less stressful environment. Take the offer and go
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    @ctrl-alt-del accepted the offer, let’s see where this leads ­čą│
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    @PaaPsik nice! All the best!
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    @PaaPsik Great!
    New challenges!
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