Topic: self promotion to get a job as developer in the tech
- CV short with bullet points or include also a brief description of experiences, skills in action and personal attitudes?
- Website? GitHub page? Suggestions about what highlight in personal git repos?
- Other things that could help to let you be noted in the pre-screening process of the recruiters?

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    do ppl really go to links? i imagine if your resume is meh the links arent gona getting viewed
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    @zlice only when the rest of the CV looks appealing.
    Then I'll go browse the projects you have that aren't forked from somewhere else.

    But yea it's like bonus points not a selling point.
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    make sure it’s ATS format friendly or it won’t be parsed by some software and you will be rejected by default, also make sure ATS can pick all of basic requirements in job offer

    write truth or at least don’t write you know something if you didn’t use it at least once

    be sure to be able to talk about what you wrote for at least 10 minutes otherwise you will be asked questions to “help” you

    if you don’t have experience talk about your personal projects or about your masters diploma, or just write todo app with database and language you want just make sure to write proper commit messages if you add links

    if you want to be developer during your talk focus on technology - what was challenging and most importantly what you learned, what you liked and what you didn’t like

    it can be simple things but those give more information to your recruiter then asking dumb questions like you’re in high school, it shows that you can articulate your thoughts freely

    write about your interests besides tech stuff it can be anything from going for a walk in park to riding bike

    in fact it’s not that hard to get a job if you know basic things

    don’t make jokes unless you’re mother fucker star and you don’t give a fuck

    be sure to know those stupid 12 factor app and SOLID, even if you don’t give a fuck cause it’s dumb shit nobody use even if they say they do, seriously mostly it’s pure chaos behind the mask of we’re great

    be sure to know how to reverse tree and bfs, dfs, some array search algorithms and/or other hacker rank stuff if you want to get a job in FANG
    i think tree search is still a thing in tech recriutment,

    ask questions about technology they use and what they do now, why they’re hiring?

    this shows you care

    sorry for long response

    good luck, have fun
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    i dont agree with a few of these but "don’t make jokes unless you’re mother fucker star and you don’t give a fuck" lol

    ive always heard the opposite. if you too serious ppl wont want to work with you. must be regional things?
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    @zlice your comment added so much to the topic that I don’t know where to start
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