Dude picking his brain over my coke. Yes I mean attempting to tickle his brain trough the nose hole.
A piece of nasal excrement landed in my coke and made it go fizz, that was how I noticed.

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    Bon apetite mate 😀
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    @macfanpl that's a fast hard nope; he tossed it and was super embarrassed.

    Whenever he came near my desk after that I made it a point of moving the glass/mug away from him.
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    Get a closed container. I use this and put an entire pot of coffee inside it:


    You can get smaller ones obviously. But shit doesn't accidentally fall in it.
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    Had to read it a few times, my drug ignorant mind went "Boogers make coke fiz? Mucus is mostly a base, is cocaine an acid? Lemme look that up..no.. Why would someone be doing cocaine at work? Oh...wait... coke = coca-cola...I'm a moron."
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    @Demolishun hahaha in that picture the coke looks more like soda (sodium carbonate).

    Als,o nice mug suggestion, thanks
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