I need a new 'main' language to do all my projects in as java is kind of grinding away at my psyche.

Golang I liked quite a lot when I used it for my job a year ago, I'll give that a try..

Golang installed and up and working fine.

Oh, I know lets see if there are GLFW bindings for golang. And sure there are lets go!

Oh I need gcc and mingwex + mingw32 which I will acquire through cygwin.

hmm.. mingwex + mingw32 not found and my drive is almost full. I'll reinstall on my D:\ drive before continuing troubleshooting.

> Delete C:\Cygwin Access denied.
> cmd rmdir c:\test /s /q Access denied.
> Change permissions Access denied.

No problem I just don't own this object!

> Change to be the 'object owner' Success!
> Change permissions Success!
> Delete C:\Cygwin Access denied.
> cmd rmdir c:\test /s /q Access denied.
> takeown /F C:\Cygwin /A /R /D Y Success!
> cmd rmdir c:\test /s /q Access denied.

At this point it would be more efficient to manually open up my ssd, and using a fridge magnet change every single bit to be exactly what I want it to be.

Or install linux.

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    bear with me.

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    Yeah Windows can be that way
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    Windows can sometimes do funky stuff with the ACLs because they were implemented unrelated of the existing file permission system. POSIX ACLs on the other hand are deliberately designed to fall back to a subset of the permissions described by the ACL if the software managing the disk isn't familiar with ACLs, which means that the majority of errors are predictable and described by the rfc.
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    You need Kotlin
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    Is that a rat model from World of Warcraft?
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    @kwilliams Yes it is :)
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    Get some Unix/Linux system and use Kotlin. Moving from Java to Kotlin is almost painless and after getting used to the idioms it's as if nobody at Oracle ever used their own language.

    (I know I sound stupid.)

    But Kotlin is that good.

    And it is multiplatform too, so you're not constrained to the JVM/JDK.
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