So, seems like I'll be continuing my research career, via a PhD in AI. 👀🤞

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    Now, given anxiety, I am starting to imagine all the ways I can disappoint my boss/supervisor/advisor. 😁 😬😨

    Fun, eh?
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    No worries - you will do great!
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    Congrats! Question, what made you continue research?
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    @loner291999 I'm gonna say "couldn't find a job" but you can read that as "there weren't any tempting offers".

    I do like research tho. I like making new stuff.
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    @NoMad nice, I was planning on doing masters too cuz "not many great job offers" to "not many opportunities". Researching is fun tho
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    @NoMad know the feeling! I‘m sure you’ll do great!
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    Good Luck !
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    Wow, I'm jealous! You're gonna join @NickyBones and her club
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    @kiki The club of chronic stress, pathological misery and premature aging...
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    @rEaL-jAsE NEVER!!!

    I actually don't study while I'm undertaking a PhD. I'm basically hired to do research and some teaching. The study is just up until masters. (Except for in US and a few other countries where you still have to sit through classes)
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    @NoMad Amazing news, good luck! It's a tough ol' ride but worth it to join the PhD club when you're done. If you have a decent supervisor then that's usually half the battle done 👍
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    @AlmondSauce I hope so. My advisor is a mentor to one of my mentors. Plus, I'll be working on a topic I already know a bit about and published on. 😁 (This is a different version of the same project I applied for in another uni)

    Oh, and, thank you! 🥰
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    @NoMad Sounds great, that's a pretty normal route in and I'm sure you'll do really well. Good luck! 👍
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