Did this question really deserve a down vote?

Stackexchange community is so annoying at times. It's just that a few handful of experts are helpful.

But again my recent questions on stackoverflow were answered by myself only after a week or so 😐

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    A lot of stackoverflow users seem like arrogant peeps who have barely made out of beginner stage, and always looking down at beginners.
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    I think someone's brain ran out of compute credit and used the up/down arrows to answer the yes/no question
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    Alternatively, it may have gotten downvoted because according to StackOverflow's worldview a good question is one with exactly one objectively correct answer and being opinion-based is a disqualifying factor. It's a bit weird considering they have forums on stuff like
    - philosophy where almost no answer is objectively correct
    - psychology where categorical answers aren't even considered a goal
    - mathematics where Gödel literally proved that not all questions have a single objectively correct answer
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    There, I fixed it.
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    Try to not care so much about votes on Stackoverflow. Their rules aren't always matching real life needs. They work fine in general, but sometimes an opinion is better than nothing - even when asking for it attracts downvotes...
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    @Oktokolo wouldn't design, be it API design, Database Design or System Design, be sunjective by nature?

    Another reason why I feel Stackoverflow is mostly for beginners.

    You will always find answers on how to fix XYZ error or how to do ABC on some XYZ platform.
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    @BugsBuggy: Yes, it (at least partially) is subjective. But that only means, that the StackOverflow format (finding the objectively true answer to a question) might just be the wrong tool for the job here. Like for all questions that are bound to lead to multifaceted disccussions with heaps of deeply branching threads, an actual tree-based forum is probably better suited for the job.

    But StackOverflow is invaluable for the modern coder who has to use multiple tools and languages. StackOverflow often is better than the original documentation when it comes to specifics, because answers are annotated with comments and improved by multiple people. There also can be more than one answer.

    It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or old fart. StackOverflow has answers to all levels of questions.
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    @Oktokolo you are correct. Stackoverflow is meant for objectively correct answers but I had posted the question on softwareengineering.stackexchange.com for the same reason.
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    @BugsBuggy: Doesn't matter as softwareengineering.stackexchange.com uses the StackOverflow QA format, which just isn't suited for subjectivity - whether allowed or not.
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