I've got a client that is complaining a long sentence is on multiple lines on a mobile device.

You literally cannot make this stuff up. They are literally saying, "move this specific word up to the line above."

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    Probably the simplest thing you could try is to use a condensed variant of the same font (if there is any) and hope that this text would fit then (without changing the font size). Otherwise I don't know - maybe ask them for a specific design and follow it pixel by pixel - but that might be shotting yourself in the foot.
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    We have clients complaining that a full A4 text is not readable on an A6 label, so they ask us to use a bigger font ๐Ÿ˜ณ
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    lol, reminds me of a designer i worked with in 2008 who was like "i designed webpages before, i know what i'm doing"

    and then he was like "here's the design for this specific article, tomorrow i'm going to send you designs for the next 10 articles of the same type, out of the 300 total that's supposed to be there on launch"

    and i was like "wait... you're doing DTP-like designs for each of the articles which are all of the same type, so they're gonna use the same frontend layout? that's... not how webpages work..."

    and he was like "of course I am, what are you talking about, what kind of an amateur are you, have you even done a webpage before?"

    btw, for your case,   exists ;)
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    @Midnight-shcode: I would love to see a web site which actually uses a DTP-like design where someone with actual typographic skill placed everything exactly like it should be placed. Like in the old magazines from before the web era.

    The generic repeatable designs from today are efficient - but they also sorta look, well, generic...
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    @Oktokolo i would love to see how you would make such a page for unknown display resolutions and window dimensions, along with the requirement of the content being user-editable and insertable via cms ;)
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    @Midnight-shcode: I would definitely not love to make such a page. But if someone would make such a page, it would probably be serious typography porn and gaining cult status fast.
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    Yeah I've had requests like this so many times when I was freelancing. They legit think computer programs are some sort of fancy PowerPoint.

    I'm not freelancing anymore. Working for noobs whose projects won't go anywhere is a magnificent waste of time, even well paid.
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    *Looks 3 tickets waiting on backlog about making things pixel perfect* Yeahhh... >.>
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