nearly cried.

I had been working on this file for the last 4 or so hours.

And accidentally deleted it with NerdTree (mdy).

300 loc. poof.

scoured internet for recovery procedure.

... to no avail. just about to give up.

here comes the climax: .....

It was stillllll...... in the NEOVIM. BUFFER.
vim got my back.

praise you vim lord.


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    git gohd!
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    buffer S.T.R.O.N.K.!
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    Jetbrains products also have a local history feature. It essentially takes snapshots of your code at certain times and you can easily browse it.
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    this happened to me and VS code saved my ass. a whole day of work, 10-15 manipulated files, still got all of them open in tabs. ALL GLORY TO COMPULSIVE TAB HOARDING
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