How to work when a project has tight deadlines, give me some tricks of yours?

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    Put more people on project to increase velocity.
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    @black-kite well there are actually a lot new people.
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    Tip #2 don't put a lot of new people on tight projects, long-term existing teams work best...

    But I don't think that's anything you can change so lemme try and give you an actually useful tip

    Talk with your manager or leads if you think the deadline wont be met or might be tight. Usually there's extra time allocated that the devs don't really know about, so it might be less tight than you think

    If not, then you can try telling them if It's possible to shift it a bit

    If management is not the way for you then really the best thing you could probably do is talk to your lead or take charge and try to organize work better, split tasks in a way that can maximize parallel work.

    And for personal Tips, all you can do is organize your work, put in the time and effort as best as you can, you can put in some overtime if asked to, but always remember that your own health is a priority. If the project is late then realistically nothing will really happen to you, slow and steady
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    @snowflake lol
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    focus on completing the end-to-end flow first, even with mocked inputs/modifiers, then start filling the gaps adding functionality.
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    Ask if it's actually a hard deadline. If you have 10 features planned - would you launch on the deadline date even if only 7 features are done?

    I often get the answer "no" and find out that the deadline is actually soft.
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    When I think back on missed deadlines;
    * We waited too long to ask for extra resources. They were brought in too late. Should've been brought in instantly as the project got a deadline and became more important than what they were doing. Finishing early wouldn't have been an issues.
    * We pushed back "easy" but essential features for too long and got stuck on complex but less essential features. Probably could've launched an MVP on the deadline date if we focused on essentials first.
    * We allowed the stakeholders to add changes up until the final days instead of reserving the last week for review, clean up, tests and fixes.
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    Switch jobs
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    Raise your hands and go on strike until a reasonable deadline is decided upon
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