Recruiter: Your skills are amazing! There's hight demand! massive shortage! the market is hot!

Me: great

Recruiter: But your rate is too high.

Me: ....

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    He failed economics I see.
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    @Demolishun that might just be a requirement for becoming a recruiter
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    Its a race to the bottom, I swear we are all asmovian fucked
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    @fullstackchris its simple really, don't participate I. That race and stand form to your rate. You determine your rate, not them.
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    Me: … sounds a bit like a you-problem there I think… good luck! *hangs up*
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    Yeah it's the same from the other side.

    Employer is profitable, and wants to grow.

    "It's difficult, we can't find developers".

    "How much are you offering"

    "Standard market rate for a senior PHP developer"

    "Have you tried correcting for inflation and changed supply/demand since you determined that rate in 2015?”

    "No, that would be ridiculous"
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    @NeatNerdPrime yeah but then... 100 years later, not a single client request... RIP
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