Is there more useless and stupid feature in a laptop than a touch screen ?
I have one in my work machine and only time I "use" it is when I accidently click some shit while closing the lid.

Pain in the ass.
To think that some people actually are paying extra $ for it.

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    Professional Laptop/Tablet convertibles are mostly for artists who like to directly "draw" on the screen. For that they also need to be able to detect pen pressure and angle. You can also use them for CAD. Some just use them as a normal tablet for watching porn on the train though.

    But if you are constantly finding yourself holding it wrong... just disable touch.
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    Well, to specify, the machine I was referring to is Dell Precision 5560, which, as far as I know, is fairly popular in corporate sphere (whole Precison line up I guess), and I don't think it can fall into category of art device as the scree cannot be flipped back into "tablet mode", neither detached nor anything particularly useful.

    There is also no pen included, and perhaps one can buy some kind of third-party one but it would be very uncomfortable to draw anything on this, as the screen leans the most ~110 degrees, and keyboard also blocks the comfortable access.

    I'm gonna disable this, hopefully this setup will last longer than until next windows update.
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    It is great to piss my wife off with the tap of a finger. I usually spam top right corner to close all her programs 😅
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    It makes mostly sense when you have a presentation up to two people

    E.g. showing workflows in a program.

    For insurance / human resources etc useful when creating contracts and other stuff to work directly with the client and not to repeat every input cause the client can't see it.
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    @WesleySaunders And there also is a huge category of half-assed products implementing random feture lists just because some end users and managers deem touch input to be of any use on a standard laptop.
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