*phone dings*
Manager: Please share the timelines for feature X

Me: *swiping away the Teams notification* Please get a life and stop texting your engineers at 9 PM

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    Hero Culture is nonsense. It just chews up and spits out good people.
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    IM is not texting, you're not supposed to read when you're not available.

    It would we cool if you could set a timer on your messages but it too would be abused, I'm sure. At least it's easy to set quiet period for notifications.
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    We have employees in all timezones, and holidays also differ per country.

    Company chat has a "99.97% uptime".

    My personal SLA is different though. My Slack subscript reads: "I try to answer messages within 1 business day".

    To mute the buzz, there are so many options:

    Install work apps on second phone. Install work apps only on workstation/laptop, and keep your phone private. Turn off all your notifications during off-hours.

    Or more radical: Turn your phone completely off when you don't want to be bothered!
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    Airplane mode, every night.

    (so the alarm still works)
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    @bahua Ah yeah I created a child for this purpose. Took a while, but she's perfectly tweaked to go off at 8AM now.
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