Just completed Monkey Island 1 and 2 again, 30+ years after I last played them.

1. What an awesome blast from the past
2. I am getting old.......
3. Can't wait for Monkey Island 3 (the real third)

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    Hm, might do the same, thanks for idea :)
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    Started playing "The Curse of Monkey Island" as well, but so far it just lacks the charm of the first two.

    Note: Fans would know that Ron Gilbert left Lucasarts after Monkey 1 and 2, which is why people are excited about "The Return to Monkey Island" due later this year. This is Ron's true third game in what was always planned as a trilogy.
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    Isn't that just sea of thieves lol... Arrr
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    Just downloaded special edition 🤮 Don't know why people think non-pixelated version is better.
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