Google Business Profile is probably not meant for developers. "Help customers find your business by industry." Dev: set primary category to "Web Developer". Google: We didn't understand your category. Please select from the suggestions that appear when typing. Dev, typing: "Web D"... Google suggests: "Web Designer, Web hosting company, Well drilling contractor, Waterbed shop". Okay, Google, nevermind.
Google: "Update your customers. Keep your customers up to date about your business!" Dev clicks "add update", adds info about that customer should use different phone number temporarily due to broken phone. Google: "Your post has been removed from your Business Profile on Google because it violates one or more of our post content policies." Okay Google, at least you let me add an additional phone number on my profile without requiring to verify my primary number that I currently have not access to. Anything else?
Google: "Claim your €400 free advertising credit" Dev: clicks "claim credit" Google: "To access this Google Ads account, enable 2-Step Verification in your Google account." How to combine idiocy and deceptive patterns in a single UI: Google knows! Apart from their search engine, their unique business advantage is simple that they suck a little less than Apple and Microsoft. Sorry, not a day to be proud of our profession, once again.

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    I think it's almost the same problem when you create a business on LinkedIn..

    "Web Development you say?"

    "The best we can do is Internet Technology"

    Such a joke...
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    For years Google has forced me to list my home address if I want people to be able to find me. That means that people are deceived into thinking some random house in some random neighborhood is a business “location”. Google Business and Google Ads are stuck in the paradigm of the user personas that the marketing turds put together without thinking more broadly about the vast varieties of ways of working. If you work your business from home, you might as well give up or be forced to publish your personal address as its “location”.
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    I can't imagine doing business with a company that makes a point out of not having customer support
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    Web dev is not a real job, get over it guys.
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    Coming from a
    "Professional bullshitter" 😭❤️
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