If someone offered 1m$ to never code again, could you do it?

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    Even for less than that.
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    It would be dumb to not do it.

    1 million could mean to live a beautiful happy live without work, as long as you're not a greedy dumbtard.
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    yes. I'd hire someone else to code for me
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    $1m = 5-10 years off work.

    But $1m doesn't get me to retirement on its own.

    Now, why doesn't PHP count? Someone must love PHP more then me to not want to retire early in life 😏
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    Nope, don't think so. I'm not there yet :p
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    For one millidollar? I don't think so 🙃
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    No. I will first accept the money and code in secret . Is not like they are going to know. But the 1 million is better paid in Euro
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    After 5 years, definitely, gotta do it for some years if I have invested so much into it.
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    Considering that payment in Italy is not so high, that would be a real deal.

    I consider it a good return of investment because I suppose only people who can code would be offered that opportunity.

    This doesn’t mean I would not do other jobs (teaching, graphics, cooking, writing books about becoming rich without writing a line of code 😜, brag on YouTube 🤣)
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    That's me covered for over 20 years, so yes lol
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