I'm a fullstack engineer, this period there is literally nothing to do, we are a 1000+ employees company.
I got so bored I toke over the database of our production server two times in a week, exploiting dumb vulnerabilities I discovered out of boredom, of course I reported everything.

The funny thing is that they just don't care, no one took action or is willing to fix it and they actually insulted me because I set a query in sleep for 8 minutes exploiting one of the vulnerabilities.

I work for a great company that hosts (in this very server) most italian citizens informations C: free to take for everyone c:

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    Why don't you fix them?
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    @jonas-w because I don't have access to to this server since it's our company website, I don't mantain it, only the people I sent my report have access to it.
    I use this web server to read my e-mails ecc, I'm a user of it

    I believe there is a way to take control of the rest of the server considering the state of their php programs to just fix all the vulnerabilities and do nothing else wrong, but I wasn't bored enough yet

    This company amazes me
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    Italian? That explains it.
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    @Demolishun fuck, I hate my country (truly) and love memes
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    Leave! ♥️
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    @Manuch Do Italian devs have impasta syndrome?
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