Manager: Here's the design for the next feature, we're ready to hand it over to the consultant

FullStackClown: Uh... okay... is it spec'd out with requirements?

Manager: Huh?

FullStackClown: Well, already look at this design and user flow, did you consider what happens when <insert edge case X here>, <insert edge case Y here>, or <insert edge case Z here>? How is the consultant going to know what to put in for business logic if you don't even know or define it yourself?

Manager: Huh?

FullStackClown: Sigh... yeah, I'm too busy right now to be a kindergarten teacher, come back in a few days once you understand how your own feature is supposed to work

Manager: ...

Dev: ...

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    And then the manager gets angry at the dev because of making it more complicated than it actually is.
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    @Lensflare And If we don't "overly complicate it", we're blamed weeks later when bugs are found with all the edge cases and neglected scenarios

    So we lose either way 🤷‍♂️
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    Took me a bit to notice its a nickname and not making fun of the fullstack dev
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    @qwwerty New side project: managerRant

    On second thought... nah
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