There's this guy who randomly make sexual remarks. Not the usual guy's talk kind sexual remarks, but more of "I am going to rape this girl infront of her boyfriend and her father " kind of remark. Also he sexual harassed women coworker like take video of them in the toilet.

What we did was gathering every rape case possible (which is not related to him, but somehow the victims don't know who the rapists were) , all the evidence of him taking nude video of girls and report to police . We launch the statement that "maybe" the rapist was this phallus.

And the authorities got his arse and tracked. Well he asked for it.

Always remember "with great power of boasting bullshit, comes with a fat shit of consequences". The difference between the actual Spiderman and this phallus is that Spiderman think with his senses and shoot webbings from his wrist, but this phallus don't have any actual thought involve and shoot webbings from his micropenis.

I resigned after that.

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