I lost my job 😅 tbh did me a favour. I was backend, this guy was frontend and was a typical opinionated JavaScript, magpie dev and I just did not give 2 fucks about what he thought was “amazballs” and we had a small tiff, we’ll he was arguing, I was trying to do my job and I just didn’t care enough about his feelings on the subject, forget what it was about but I think it was trivial. But anyway, I was let go soon after 😅

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    WTF! Didn't you question them for why they were letting you go?

    Hope you got a good severance package.
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    @Floydimus naaaa it weren’t worth it 😅
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    What’s a magpie dev?
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    @Ian123 attracted to anything shiny and new.
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    ...She was back and he was front, he would always win the fight
    bang bang....
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    This almost sounds like it’s unlawful termination lol
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    Sounds like that dude was a lil biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch. What did he do? go cry to management because you did not let him neckbeard all over you?
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    @phat-lasagna well, to top it off, the week before my manager took credit for a 30 page architecture document I wrote and then had the audacity to say I’d done no work for 2 weeks which was the reason for getting rid 🥲
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    @AleCx04 fuck knows. I’ve just blanked it all from my memory, I know it was something trivial that was opinionated and he didn’t like my jokey response but meh who cares 🤷🏼‍♀️ after a month they all lost their jobs anyway, CTO, my manager, him and the lot
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    @bashleigh damn yeah if u have the evidence I would fuck their business up.
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    @phat-lasagna didn’t get a chance to 😅 CEO got rid of them all 😂😂😂 was a big team too. About 12 devs ish. Oh well
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    You broke his heart, didn't you?

    You meanie.
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    @bashleigh awesome portfolio/website! I know you'll get a new job in a heartbeat! You've got a lot of experience, clearly, under your belt.
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    Sounds like they just shot themselves in the leg and also sounds like an unlawful termination.

    Looks like you are better off without them.
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    @iSwimInTheC @nachocode thanks guys. I got another job a few months later when I wasn’t looking for one. Best job I’ve had so far 💪
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