Beat this AI

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    Input = "wizard"
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    but in turkish locale :)
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    @domfoo robot responds to your flesh fist with "scissors, i win"
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    Where is Spock, and Lizard?
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    @magicMirror dude you can't do the zuckerberg move, the robots will ban you :p
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    function beat(yourAI) {
    return "beaten";
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    @Lensflare truly, a code of a master.

    If you can't defeat it, don't fight it.
    Or in this case, don't use the argument
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    input = null
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    That's cheating though. You don't play with someone who always draws after you and tries to act all innocent about it.

    Failing that, input middle finger and your super ai can't even respond. 0/10
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    that software (not an AI) would just sit there waiting for input forever because the other player isn't going to go first and let it see their play.

    Eventually whoever wrote it would be given a terrible performance review and fired. His computer would be turned off and the program terminated. End of story.
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