Thanks google for creating the illusion of an option to change the shipping address for a repair order. You even mention the new address in your notification email, but when I click on UPS tracking, I can see that you sent the shipment to the old address, which is in a different city where I can't quickly go to pick up my repaired phone. After charging an extra 95,- Euros for additional damage supposedly not covered by my warranty. Lucky you that my old phone had connection problems with the shitty Vodafone station wi-fi router, which is one of the few reasons that I still even want to use a google hardware product. Thanks google for just being slightly less wretched and mediocre than your competitors, that might grant you some more years before you will be buried in history forever. Pixel phones are just like Macbooks: high quality product and good marketing, good enough to make your customer accept everything else being bullshit. Google search is even worse, but based on the same concept: just suck a little less than your competitors but don't waste any effort trying to actually be really good at anything.

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    Also thanks Vodafone for sending that shitty router several years ago and insisting that it works fine and it's my devices that are broken. You had a point on the Huawei which does have several known chipset bugs, but how come the same problem occured on a ThinkPad laptop, and - much later, when I had already forgot about the story - when a friend of mine tried to use wi-fi with their ThinkPad, same with their partner's ThinkPad. Took us about a week to find out. Support story is still only, even in the official Vodafone user forum (which sucks in so many other ways apart from this support case).
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    Last but not least, thanks FYVE (a Vodafone subsidiary) for deactivating my working SIM card in my phone the moment you sent out the replacement card in a post envelope which I never got the chance to pick up a the postal service, and then force your support service to claim I got your web form wrong and it was me actively checking a checkbox to make you instantly deactivate the working card. Funny coincidence the same misfortune happened to my wife one day later using another browser. Now I got two phone numbers and a bunch of SIM cards, and you can deactivate your latest replacement card for good, once I received the new card by WeTell, a startup that strives to provide ethical and ecologic mobile phone services....
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    Conclusion: not taking your customers seriously might be a successful business model for a given amount of time, and nobody cares anyway because most of your employees or even investors will be gone in 10 years time anyway. BUT as a customer, it makes me strive for alternatives - real alternatives that try to stop this destructive capitalist madness that we used to call business, more ethical, more ecological, more sustainable and long-lived, and without the usual marketing bullshit bloat.
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