That glorious moment when you remove a function from your Javascript.


It's one job was to detect and prompt a user about not using IE on this shit for a stain website - ironically built for IE 😂

You sir, will not be missed 🥳

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    Netscape navigator ein the war? Chrome did, didn't it?
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    Brace yourself for isSafari()
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    @kamen Yup from my colleagues are now suffering from Safari :\ Luckily I don't do web front-end development
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    @gitpush I do some, but thankfully I haven't run int o issues with that.
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    @horus the war of time.
    You can still install Netscape 😅

    @kamen , @gitpush
    I haven't had issues with safari since Mac's went to retina screens.

    What's new in the safari fuckwards?
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    @C0D4 I'm the only one in the company that has an iMac and every once and a while they use it to debug why sites are not working on Safari
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    Snake case within JavaScript?! You absolute madlad
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    No joke, browser incompatibilities is what drove me from front end development. It’s the worst.
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    And yet in many places he will return lol

    We should just all have paused during this lapse and fixed everything.

    Reduced memory usage footprints for example

    Gone through cleaned up all the oss code and optimized everything that would have a been a useful application of everyone's time

    I betcha if you made a list of all features and uses in the high level and everything wrong that could happen that a complete recode of everything would probably be more sleek!
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    But yeah ie should remain dead but someone resurrected the bastard a few years ago lol a few times.
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    @horus in a way yes. Firefox is navigators continued development. And it survived although it seems to be hanging on by a thread.
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