Well done Microsoft

You’ve transformed a product MS Excel from something great into something unusable ..endlessly over designing it with needless fucking icons everywhere…

Just leave it THE FUCK ALONE from 2007

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    I don't know about you, but I'm happy that I'm not tied to Excel in particular and I'm perfectly fine in Google Sheets. I'm even starting to prefer it because of the way it can be scripted (with Google Calendar integration and stuff like that).

    I've heard though from people working in finance/banking that there are some pretty specific formulas (or formulae if you prefer, lol) only available in Excel - and in this case you might be locked in.
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    Was it ever great though
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    @electrineer it was, if you are not jerking off to Linus Thorvalds photos.
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    @grospataplouf I feel your pain
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    @electrineer I used it in anger over about 10 years in banking and it was bloody great to use and I am a seasoned java/python spod (apache Poi anyone?) now am glad I don’t have to touch it very often as it saddens me enormously…
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    Just use onlyoffice, OpenOffice, or libreoffice
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    @grospataplouf Oof, that sucks. Can't you talk to management about this? Seems like it's not a purely visual thing but it affects your performance in a negative way, so should be a fair point to bring up.
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    Libreoffice gang
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