Fuck Outlook for desktop in particular.

Why would they still be using their crappy word-as-renderer in this day and age? Why are they ignoring perfectly sensible CSS from elements that aren't tables? Make it make sense!

It's especially galling that they've resolved it in the web version and in the native apps, _except_ desktop for windows. Even Mac is fine!

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    I'd rather have plain text in emails anyway
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    @jespersh no, but only in desktop. When mac, Web, android, and ipad all work, you know they've just been lazy
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    Thunderbird 102, Matrix integration, and merger with K-9.

    More of the reason for even cheap boomers to finally invest in this switch.
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    i remember outlook always breaking my calender view on my work pc, when i leave it on for a few days. It's such an annoying piece of software.
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    Marketing wanks sending mails that only work when HTML/CSS/JS/whatnot is supported and enabled on the client side are a problem too!
    I prefer plain text emails.
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    @dontbeevil so, in my penultimate sentence?
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    You are using Outlook...

    Shame! 🕭
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    @Oktokolo 1) technically, the problem is that my customer's clients are using outlook; 2) that last character isn't loading so you could be giving me the finger or saluting my persistence; I can't tell
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    @dootlurk The emoji is a bell similar to that used in Game of Thrones. It is standardized since Unicode 7.0 in 2014.

    And it doesn't matter what your clients use as UTF-8-encoded plaintext works in all relevant mail clients (in the past, Apple devices rebooted for some sequences of code points though).
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