I got assigned a milestone we had delayed twice already. It needs to be ready for tomorrow, it's harsh but doable.

Guy from another team, looks at my folder system during the presentation, something like
"src/views/users/view-all/view-all.template.html" and starts whining "hurr durr this isn't good tho, you should have chosen a significant name, it's impossible to understand what this file does".

Honest thought: if you can't navigate through folders, you shouldn't be writing code in the first place.

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    Sounds like he isnt competent enough to understand how code works so hes trying to make his name by nitpicking on something that can be changed in seconds. Next time I would ask him wether he has anything else to say, and if no, lets focus on the solution.
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    Spoken like a true OOP veteran. Did you accidentally tag it JS instead of Java?
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    @Oktokolo I've started professional programming with Java; it's been years since I've used it seriously but it warped my mind much more than I'd like to admit.
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    @IHateForALiving While you will never be like you where before you touched Java, you could try to counter it a bit with some Erlang...
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