Dev: * In the middle of pushing to prod *

Manager: Hey btw I forgot to mention the client asked for these 5 features awhile back as a part of this update and they just reminded me about them, I haven’t created tickets yet or told anyone about this. Will these features be included in the update that’s going out today?

Dev: …

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    Mother of gods
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    Don't understand why in some companies they only let the manager talk to the client. What do they gain from this? If devs could talk to clients, things would happen in a much more efficient way and the client would have greater transparency into the process.
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    @aadilp 1000% why I hated my last gig. Constant chaos because devs weren’t allowed to talk to clients. Devs have the best questions because they’re writing the actual code. The CEO, managers, and PMs have no clue what they don’t know when coming up with questions.
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    "Would take X long to put them in, could do it on next release. Tell me sooner next time"

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    @aadilp well obviously Devs are not up to the superior communication standards that the managers have. You might actually risk having a clear picture of the clients request.
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    @aadilp That concept worked in my company for a while. Until management couldn’t handle the smooth progress anymore ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    How hard can it be?
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