1. Windows is unreliable and crappy.(I have had a lot of bad experience with windows.)

2. Mac is good but doesn't have a lot of things to tinker with.(Used mac, it runs on specific hardware only, for rich people who don't know how to use computers or for chad programmers )

3. Linux is the best. (The real programmer shit that has it all.)

What do you think?

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    Gaming is better on Windows. Mac sucks. Linux is nice, but it doesn't do everything.
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    I think that you're wrong:
    1. Windows is good
    2. Linux is best
    3. Mac is a hot steaming cup of shit
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    My biggest beef with windows seems to be the ease of acquiring virus/malware.
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    Honestly, (not considering Mac) Windows is the most reliable for me. It just works.

    I really want to use Linux for other than my work PC, but whatever distro I try, there's always something that doesn't quite work.
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    I want an OS that doesn't fuck itself up, which rules out Windows, and a computer that doesn't cost twice as much as it should, which eliminates Macs. That's why I'm on Linux.
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    @rantydev just like mom use to make!
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    @Fast-Nop Heh, did the guy that threw the pie in Bill Gates face say?: Go fuck yourself. I wonder if he took it literally.
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    @WildOrangutan don't use consumer grade hardware.

    Get yourself a pro level laptop (note this means business not gamer) and install a mainstream Linux OS like Rocky/Ubuntu.

    Stay away from Debian or Arch for your first dip into Linux land.
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    I second what @sariel says: I've run linux (I use arch btw) on business hardware for literally over 10 years (the same hardware that is). Never had any issue. I've also run windows on gaming hardware for longer than i can remember. Some reinstalls required now and then (but that's not Windows's fault, keep installing and uninstalling games and it's bound to happen)

    My work macbook pro (first experience with the system) on the other hand never fucking works; is slow as fuck; sounds like a fucking fighter jet; is incredibly fucking expensive; it's so bad I'm considering changing jobs because of it.
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    @sariel I've recently switched to Ubuntu, wanting more stable experience, mainly more stable DE, but not really impressed so far.

    Shouldn't Debian be super stable and the least bug prone?
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    @Demolishun because it's so easy to program for!

    Imo osx is cheating because it only supports very specific hardware configurations, and even those not for very long 😂

    Windows often gets blamed for stability issues when it's in fact a driver issue! And when you're supporting a zillion configurations with hundreds of manufacturers that's bound to happen.

    Since Windows Vista/7 i also have not seen windows destroy itself. And since 7 it was no longer necessary to reboot every once in a while.
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    @WildOrangutan Ubuntu is not developer friendly.

    IMO it's not even really Linux, it's a substitute like that fake sugar shit.

    Debian is... Well.... It's hard to say. There's a great community supporting Debian, the thing is I have never been able to get it to install the first time since the early 2000s.

    Between the lack of proprietary diver support for networking and graphics, I can't think of a good use for it past a small business server running on decades old hardware.

    I would rather run SUSE over Debian and the last time I used it was almost 20 years ago.

    You should check out Rocky or Alma. Good stable builds from CentOS.
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    I use all of them. They all suck at different things.
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    You don't have to choose just one, you know..

    I've used Windows since v3.1, and it does the job very well. I use Linux for docker, I run it on a raspberry Pi and a few other things, but it's not quite there yet as a real replacement for Windows. Mac OS is like being locked inside a kindergarten playground. Everything works, is safe and looks pretty, but anything outside the playground is out of reach. Works really well for surfing the web when you're hung over on the couch.
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    @sariel Debian has served me well, super easy to use and never breaks, only reason for a noob to not go with it is if their computer needs special drivers imo
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    @sariel Did you use Debian's "non-free" images that are supposed to include proprietary drivers and stuff?

    As for an easy no-BS Linux, I'm on Mint that e.g. undoes Ubuntu's snap crap. Mint is good enough even for non-dev end users if they are not locked into Windows-only applications.
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    Mac for lazy people and media production (m2 can do alot in less TDP ).the features you look for exist in mac then it will work 100 percent other wise you live it it and expensive buy and maintain.

    Windows some time grind your gears like windows updates at odd times(the time more you want the computer)
    You have come back to windows for gaming and app support.

    Linux someone mention above may be good in business machines i got different driver issue in different laptops (Bluetooth,trackpad) and some installation can break the system .other than that good for pro users
    You can automate things like crazy in this os thank any other os.

    Inshort depends on what you do with the machine .there is no perfect os .
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    Btw., I also don't want a spyware OS, which is another point against Windows.
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    Lol this rants are so funny 🤣🤣🤣
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    @Fast-Nop that's usually the cause. Last time I downloaded their install media you had to dig for the non-free image.

    Never understood why they felt the need to punish users because of hardware choices they have made without knowing or understanding it.

    @matt-jd I have never had an install of Debian not need "special" drivers.

    It surprises me that it's so popular even though they do everything within their power to make it difficult for the average user to install it.
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    @sariel exactly brother 😢
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    @Demolishun truth, but we can use virtual machines on Linux
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    @rantydev nice one 😂
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    @Demolishun truth be told by you
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    @WildOrangutan someday you'll have stability with Linux, no worries 🙂
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    @Fast-Nop Linux gang op 😎
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    @Demolishun @rantydev choked on my ice cream when you mentioned mac xD
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    @sariel Debian offers an "only free SW" distro because people who want the non-free part can just add it. That would not be possible the other way around.

    However, the Debian website is indeed horrible because it grew beyond its navigation concept which was never updated. You need an external search engine for that, which is the "F-" equivalent in navigation.
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    @WildOrangutan Fedora my guy! Im one week in though, but it looks promising
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    @brnrdo fuck IBM.

    If I had a chance to shank Krishna and his team of assholes with suits in a dark alley and get away with it, I would.

    Redhat will be a candy shell filled with shit in a few years. It's just what IBM does...
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    Linux is the best OS for developing linux.

    MacOS is just a necessary but not too important accessory to the pretentious rich people jewelry that is apple hardware.

    Windows has its faults, but at least it's an actual tool that lets me do the stuff i want to do, and doesn't force me to spend 3 hours sysadmining and kernel devving it every day.
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    @Midnight-shcode now you will attract all linux/mac fanboys and ms hater comments... Good luck 🙂
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    @Midnight-shcode Be specific: when was the last time you were forced to kernel dev stuff just in order to use the computer, what was the matter, and which distro?

    What took you so long for system administration on a daily basis?
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    @Fast-Nop the other day I configured zsh, lets-cli and cheat. And I loved it!
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    @brnrdo Setting up things before use is one matter, but having to do so on a daily basis?
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    @Midnight-shcode Dood, on my gentoo box (where each kernel update means patching an recompiling from source) the kernel takes 20 minutes to COMPILE and install... dafuq u saying?

    I get it if you don't wanna do/are not interested in doing it; but please don't come with lazy "muh pradukteeevity" bs
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    @Midnight-shcode I personally love it when Windows decides to update overnight and fails to open all my work I had left open. This effectively frees up my mornings for an hour or more so that I can retrace my steps back to what I was doing.

    It's the best when I lose access to wsl or the installations become completely corrupt after an update too. That's another hour plus whatever it takes to import my ssh keys again.

    The best part of Windows is the constant nagging I get about upgrading to Windows 11 or how awesome edge is.

    Yeah... Windows is the best!

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    @sariel funny I never saw any of that, it took one click to setup active hours and one click to ignorr windows 11 update.

    P. S.
    I don't use wsl so I don't know about that.

    P. P. S.
    it's funny if someone complain about linux you never accept it because you didn't experience that... If someone is fine with windows you never accept it, because you experienced some issue (that often are user/sw/driver/hw fault)
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    @dontbeevil you don't understand. My active hours are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When I want to update, I will update.

    Imagine being an artist, and your cleaning service comes in randomly and throws away $30,000 of art and paint.

    20+ years ago, Windows users had FULL control over their systems, that's what pisses me off.

    It's funny, I never argued that Linux was perfect yet one of the MS fanbois comes along and decides that I am unaccepting of the glory of Windows.

    I didn't, but now I will.

    Windows sucks for one glaringly good reason. Microsoft is invading consumer privacy to offset shitty business practices by turning its users into datamines.

    Fuck Microsoft, and fuck anyone who supports that ideal.
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    @sariel if you really want you can totally disable updates, but go on blame windows and call me a fanboy... But on the other hand accept all linux fanboys rants and comments, they're totally nice for you right?
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    @dontbeevil I don't think you even read anything I've said.

    I also love how you failed to even respond about the privacy concerns because you know there's no excuse for it.

    Your bait is bad and your trolling is weak.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah I think he's bein hyperbolic 😅
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    Win privacy concern is definitely a big pain in the ass.

    I don't have a problem with updates tough. Maybe because I have my active hours to cover almost whole day, but I think win 11 became more considerate with updates.
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    @sariel I didn't know i had to reply to every single point you make, you didn't reply about win11 update popups, maybe because it's not true? (if you clicked the right button)
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    @sariel Windows is such a piece of shit that even Windows trolling suffers accordingly.
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    ❤️ classic linux fanboys comments, didn't have to wait long
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