"Longest you worked without rest + why?"


2 x 14h shifts from 0400h on.
No breaks, toilet, drinks or food.
Intercepted by a removal and all the getting ready, getting there, preparing food and such stuff.

Quite common the 10-14hrs shifts these days. Logistics companies take pride on how they don't give a remote fuck about their employees. .. And! Regularly fucking up everything with their out of this world expectations and assumptions. Only thing stopping such madness? The reality of sailing the edge of bankruptcy.

Seconded by a university event that everybody fucked up and had to be pulled out of the mud with 44hrs straight.
Well. Intercepted by some booze.
Best part? My then time partner decided to throw an episode in my only free time. God I still hate that daemon. She must have committed a series of crimes against humanity by now. Easily could be responsible for the downfall of civilisation.

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    How about longest you've worked without SOAP? 😉🤣
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    Yerp 😂
    44hrs it is then 😅
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    You should read learn the question of work life balance
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    When one's dependent, there is no work life balance.
    Thats the trick with dictators.

    But thanks, I'm way better balanced these days ;)
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    46 hours, and all I heard was 'hell week'.

    It's the new junior training program.

    The always invent a new type of gulag sooner or later.
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