"Is anyone taking minutes?"

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    Goddammit Jim, Eating Time is a theft
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    The person who ask is the person who should take them.
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    Thanks for asking. I’ll have a mild sunny autumn saturday please.
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    Managers take lots of minutes. Usually by holding meetings.
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    @Root which could be less if they just wrote it as an email! 🤡
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    @melezorus34 Practically always.
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    @melezorus34 Hey, this project is a _TEAM_ effort! We all need to gether and brainstorm about the best color of this bikeshed. It totally can't be done remotely or even asynchronously. Without us all being on the same spirit, there is no chance of the bikeshed getting finnished in time. So lets now all think about a slogan and new logo, because the product's mood and identity matters most for market success...
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    Counting the minutes wasted by this pointless meeting that could have been an email? Yes... we're at one hour and 13 minutes.
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    If only it was mere minutes...
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    @EtherealRage 73 minutes🙃
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