Building my own Case yeah

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    And I'm still waiting for money to buy the last two parts to my PC that i've been building for three years.. x.x
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    @Cyanite what's missing? The first time I built mine I forgot to buy an HDD xD
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    CPU and Power Supply. I forget what power level I need, but the CPU is an AMD 4GHz Octo-core ^~^
    Curent system is sporting a 3GHz Dual-Core

    I alrealy have a nice motherboard, HDD set, RAM, & a glass case w/ blue accents.
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    Build your own system is the only way to go. I have a 3.8GHz quad core AMD, Nvidia 1070 GPU, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD on a Gigabyte ruggidized Mobo. Win 10. It's a great all-around system. I also have a CentOS system with a 3.2GHz CPU dual core AMD , Nvidia GTX 420 GPU, and 8GB RAM with a 1TB HDD.
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    @Cyanite if you're not having multiple CPUs or GPUs a 500W can do the job, 600W if you want to be sure, but you should check it on a PSU calculator website. Haven't the CPU prices lowered since 3 years? It must be tiring to wait this much :o
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    The board has slots for two GPUs, but only one CPU. Will also add a studio sound card later on. I think 550 was the max on the supply I had picked, but I could tune it down.

    And yeah, ran into some financial problems.. And after thinking about it, it's been slightly under two years actually.
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