programmers now vs then

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    true story
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    Real and true
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    There was once a time where devs optimized the ever shit out of their code so that the unimaginable ran on insanely limited hardware. They knew everything from bare metal and up, and they wrote amazing god-tier code.

    Fast-forward decades, we basically have to keep expanding hardware just to be able to run the bullshit software people write. And because of the insane hardware, no one gives a living shit about optimization, memory, CPU, any of it. Paste from S/O, if it works, it works.

    Yet at the same time, in order to get hired, people have to know runtime analysis and the absolute most efficient way to traverse a seriously niche data structure with the minimum runtime and resource use as possible. OR, they could just have an uncle in the company. Sigh.
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    @corscheid this world is a lie. You say something and do something else
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    Or these days programmer :

    - ask random "basic" python questions that possibly can be solved if they read the documentation.
    - random Indian programmers took a photo of the code with extreme low quality (not screenshot or paste their code) , and asking others what's wrong with their code.
    - "hOw To cOdE"
    - "just learn python today , pretend like they know everything" (this is like a trend these days, idk why)
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