Literally all they see is design.

Users can't make or receive payments across the entire app? Ah, who cares! Much more important is the color and fading animation on that button!!!!

Absolute clowns, I swear.


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    “Changing the button colors increases engagement by 3%!!!” - an actual statement I heard
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    @Burgundxyz that might be true, but priorities should determine if it needs to be done before failing payments in my opinion
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    @Burgundxyz you know changing all button to white, except the buy Button, all on a white backgrounded page, would only Show the buy Button forcing users to click on it.

    Other way would be to have all buttons link to the buy now function, even social. That would reduce the bounse rate of the sales channel.

    Buy product first, then have social functions.
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    It doesn't matter if the program works, as long as it looks like it works, duh
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