These clowns make my blood boil.

fullStackClown: Hey I need some info on that specific color you want for this design

managerClowns: Yes it should look like this <<sends screenshot>>

fullStackClown: That is not a color, it is a screenshot

managerClowns: Yes it should look like this

fullStackClown: Do you know what hex code that is for that color? Can you ask the design team what color from our corporate identity they used?

managerClowns: Yes it should look like this

fullStackClown: Not helping... okay fine I used the eyedropper and I see the hex code is not used anywhere else in our app, so what color should I use?

managerClowns: Yes it should look like this

fullStackClown: ...

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    Just use a damn color that would like it!!! You were given an instruction, then started to act like clown
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    Maybe he wants the screenshot as a background design for the feature 🤔🤷‍♂️🤡
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    It really looks like you are playing stupid.
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    Change the entire corporate identity to include that colour xD
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    ... tell them to point the part with a red arrow
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    Afaik using the exact color that is in the design is quite an important matter for a brand.
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    @netikras Any normal person would know that but looks like some managers want their own creativity in there too :P

    Or maybe color blind 🤷‍♂️
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    Is it a parrot who learned how to speak a few phrases?
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    @iiii managerParrots
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    All the people complaining probably work on a normal team where all colors, assets, and designs are clearly communicated to the engineering team. I can only dream that will someday come to our team. Until then, the clown (me) has to do half of the footwork the design team should be doing.

    YES I've communicated this multiple times. YES nothing has changed. YES I hate my life.
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    @fullstackclown jokes on you. One of the services I am maintaining has literally no functional requirements. The only "requirements" are the previous (and pretty bad) implementation for the previous project iteration.
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    The only similar situation I've been in was a "design team" sending me a psd they concocted for a particular view, when all I needed was a handful of icons that appeared therein.

    I just blatantly emailed them back, asking for the icons in png format.

    They emailed me back saying they were on the psd and all I had to do was extract it so I emailed them back saying I'm not a designer, I do not have photoshop installed nor do I know how to use it.

    .... I got the icons.
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    Use the screenshot directly in the solution: https://www.image-map.net/
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    @Oktokolo have you ever published something that didn’t conform to corporate style guidelines and got attacked?
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    I’ve had this. Just colour pick it from the screenshot, put that in and get on with your day. It’ll be a problem later but the less fucks you give in some cases the easier work life is with the office donkeys.
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    Same as @badcopnodonuts , I’ll just colorpick from the screen. if they don’t seem to care about exactitude, I don’t waste my time with endless back and forth conversations like these. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for frustration
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    @netikras also its important to have a fixed amount of colors stored in your code, maybe defined in tailwind. And if the designer just used a random hex color he might have made a mistake
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    @jeeper Sure. Often, just implementing a guesstimate is the only way to get a reliable information of what is actually needed or wanted. If you get attacked, you use the opportunity to extract new requirements and implement them (but don't forget to include a "told you so" in the discussion).

    And it actually is the job of management to decide when to break the corporate identity deliberately. So if you are literally getting ordered to break the rules, i seriously don't know why you would even think about fighting it. Just state your concerns and do as ordered.
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    @Oktokolo It is probably different for each workplace, but here where I work, since I don't have a superior manager (only the ceo)

    I most of the time do the correct things.

    If manager comes with a different screenshot and wrong colors, I will make it in the corporate colors.

    If marketing later blames me for the wrong colors, I will just explain that it was different from the ones we usual use and that is the one I used.

    I prefer to do my job as it should instead of building crap told by incompetent clowns 🤡
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    @Grumm Yes, the tested and true strategy for avoiding the need to follow overly strict and stupid orders is "Don't ask". If an original order is vague and you think you already know what is best - indeed just do the right thing and live with the risk of having to change it later.

    But the full-stack clown did ask, got a definitive answer and had it confirmed. So he better implements that. If he ignores it now, the manager understandably gets pissed.
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