Do you do overtime? How much? Do you think it "works"? I had 1 month of overtime a while ago, and I only noticed a stressed team for a tiny gain in speed. I know that if it went on for even longer I would've quit.

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    @zlice this.

    I also like to add, I'll do it when it's close to review time or can help me out with internal politics.
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    Wait... you guys get paid overtime?

    Yes I do OT when I need to, it could be an hour here and there, or if shit hits the fan sideways, it could be an all-nighter since you have a 48 hour window to do a 12 month waterfall deployment... fuck those hurt.

    If I get enough OT built up in a week, I'll claim time in lieu though and take a day off.
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    I never work overtime. I utterly refuse to. Maybe if I get paid double, then I'll think about it. I work to pay my bills so that I can enjoy life. Not the other way around.

    Showed this article (with linked PDF) to my boss couple years back. He's one of the good ones and actually took it to heart. Result? Team feels responsible, team is responsible, good stuff happens. Will be a while before I change jobs...

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    I don't really do overtime (I'm paid hourly anyways) but I often work stupid hours. Saturday, Sunday, 3 AM. It's fun though and I bill the hours at normal times so I don't look like a freak

    But hey, that's university life 🤷‍♂️
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    I don’t even know anymore. The lines between personal and work have blurred so much. WFH with small children really sucks in that regard.
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