What does Linux and web development have in common. New distros and framework popping up everyday.
What is wrong with people, creating distros and web framework for dumb reason. When they can contribute to to existing distro/framework to make it better.

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    Im glad theres not just 1 Linux. I like having the option to choose the one that fits best to me, since its personal and needs to fit exactly my needs.

    As for frameworks... i dont know dude
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    Every open source project has some ideas and values, you can't just come in guns blazin' and change their api if it doesn't fit you.
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    but that means LEARNINg how someone's else code works.......

    naaah. Creating my own is better. Because I know better than the rest of the world! ffs, my mom always used to say I'm a genius! Not they are!
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    Distros, and to a lesser extent frameworks, form an ecosystem. Ubuntu is derived from Debian, Zorin and Mint are derived from Ubuntu. Zorin is pretty much a reskin, but Mint provided an immense amount of translations that Ubuntu also received, and thanks to Ubuntu's userbase Gnome is better than the foundation and Debian's users alone could ever make it. The Javascript frameworks that will inevitably come out on top, much like the distros that came out on top, are those which end up sharing most of their components with others, because this multiplies their development effort. Javascript itself is the finest example that even the worst ideas can become a usable product if enough smart people work on them.
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    @lbfalvy what about JavaScript?
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    @dIREsTRAITS A terrible idea, a language mainly based on functional concepts but trying desperately to appear object-oriented, with an API that adheres to neither and a userbase pointlessly legitimizing that API by conforming to its antipatterns regardless, no type system to guarantee the correctness of anything and raw strings all over the place despite no standards ever guaranteeing any interning whatsoever.

    And yet it remains successful because it's a useful and necessary interface and because so many packages have been maintained throughout the years and kept up-to-date with the rough consensus that is the reality of JS, that enables anyone to write remotely performant code, which are all tiny dominos carved to a shape that fits into this backwards and fucked-up system and meshes with the other dominos almost magically. And because modular architecture enabled tricks like writing custom parsers for ESLint so that it can recognize the better languages built on top of JS.
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    Anyway I'm very drunk so better arguments can probably be made. I wrote this while drunk because it's the only state where my executive dysfunction is subdued by my impulsiveness. My personal ballmer peak is a long ramp starting from a pint of beer and gradually sinking to my sober performance around six. I'm long past that now.
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    "what is wrong with people"

    the exact same thing that linux and web have in common, since that's the root issue with all 3
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