Linux is starting to get boring.
Heck, I want to se more Illumos distros

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    Being boring is a pretty good trait for a kernel.
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    I don't think you're _that_ boring
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    If Linux just works too well and OOTB even on laptops, there's always BSD.
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    username checks out.
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    @uNrEaL-jAsE Bullshit. It's because Windows is proprietary, closed source software so that making that would be both technically and legally infeasible. Not to mention that Windows has never been a distro in the first place.
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    Time to take a swim in the holy C towards the bespoke temple os.
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    Windows, stable lol

    Have you actually used Windows in prod?
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    Linux from Scratch
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    @uNrEaL-jAsE I would like one "Windows distro" with less spying features, another one with better memory footprint, another one with Firefox preinstalled and without Edge and Cortana...
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    Windows 9/11
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