TailsOS is based on keeping you anonymous by using Tor, if that's the case how Tails can protect you if you can install Tor on any other distribution of your choice? I still don't get it

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    Maybe its using tor for litteraly anything such as in all apps, not only in the browsers

    Not sure if thats the case but ita my bet^^

    Could be simular like tor orbot "vpn" on android
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    Sounds like all traffic is pushed through tor, not just browser traffic.

    "Applications are blocked automatically if they try to connect to the Internet without Tor."

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    @C0D4 hehe i guessed correctly
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    @C0D4 @joewilliams007 Sounds good to me!
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    @C0D4 also, the idea is to not get any fingerprints on the os and start from a clean state every time.
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    Everything trough tor can be accomplished with normal networking tricks. Only incoming traffic is hard (opening a port). The leaving no fingerprints part yeah that has to come from the os
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    Tails also keeps most of the session data in RAM and isn't designed as a daily driver OS. it's supposed to be launched from a pen and runs in RAM.

    If you're talking about the Uigur massacre in a Starbucks in Beijing you can just poweroff your computer if the authorities enter the place and all you were doing will be lost. That's in contast with other OS that, for a bunch of different reasons, might use your disk to store temporary data.

    That and the TOR stuff.
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    It also uses a bunch of tricks to prevent any attempts to fingerprint you. Can't even guess the size of your screen because the TOR browser window obfuscates its size.

    There's nothing stopping you from using another Linux distro on a USB stick with TOR, but Tails has everything pre-configured for as much privacy as possible so you don't have to configure it all yourself.
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