Markdown. It is now used by MDN Web Docs and supported by Google Docs. End users will slowly pick up. Then even more (proprietary) flavors of markdown and their accompanying JS-frameworks will follow. All with good intentions, but it can only to end in a big mess and confusion like USB or USB 3.2 Gen 1.

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    I personally like AsciiDoc. It's specification is richer than Markdowns, and Eclipse foundation is in process of standardising it.
    It is supported by gitlab, github and is a really nice format.
    Spring documentation is written in customized AsciiDoc.
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    I feel like markdown shouldn't be extended too far.
    The nice advantage of a decently written markdown file is that its perfectly readable in its raw form as well.
    It works even if youre in the terminal, and only gets some visual sugar on websites.
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    oh you mean USB 3.2 gen 2x2?
    Yeah the naming of that stuff is a mess 🤣
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    Some of the extensions and derivations of it out there can be super handy imo.
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    Everytime I hear about a USB rebranding I want to scream.
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