People with programming languages named after them:

Haskell Curry
Ada Lovelace
Agner Erlang
Blaise Pascal
Taylor Swift

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    Welcome! Have your first ++. Taylor Swift. Wut? lol
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    Taylor Swift?
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    I'm making my own language and will call it Amber heard
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    Taylor Swift... Great.

    Now I'm going to have to write a new language called Trump. It'll be a modification of brainfuck where the operators are all replaced by different font sizes of the word "bigly"... Comic sans of course.
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    Ok, I whant to make a new language toooo....
    Gonna Call it Miau, like Caw

    Miau miau miau?Miau MIau MIAUUUU
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    Miau + MIAU = miaus
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    @RodrigoF swift.. y'know.. ios language?
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    @RevThwack and a new data type ... yuge int...
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    I'm done writing gitpush.js framework if this counts
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    You missed 'Greg HyperText-Markup-Language' and 'Amanda Hypertext-Preprocessor'. Great people.
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    Monty Python
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    Can't wait for a language named Joscelyne. If you know the reference then we are best friends already
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    @Huuugo But in the case of Python it's vice versa. Python is named after Monty Python
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    1. Read first post again
    2. Search for a palm 🌴 to put on your face πŸ˜”
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    @Huuugo πŸŒ΄βž‘πŸ€”
    I'm sorry
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    Or this guy called Java Script.
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    Assem Bly
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    Scala McKenzie
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    Katie Rust
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    Cecil Sharp
    Patrick H. Pope
    Ruby Wax
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    @silkfire Is Wax the maiden name of O'Reils?
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    MySQL & MariaDB are named after two sisters My and Maria (not kidding).
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    Kotlin is named after Kotlin Island in Russia
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    1. Ruby Tuesday
    2. C.S. Lewis
    3. Blaise Pascal
    4. Fortran and many years ago...
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    @RevThwack haha too late TrumpScript (a flavor of Python) was made by some Rice students. All numbers must be greater than 1 millionπŸ˜‚
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    Linus Torvalds actually named the whole Linux after himself πŸ˜‚ although it's not specifically any programming language
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    More Python?
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    Dennis RitC
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    why would they name a programming language, Swift from a singer's name....??? like is their even any connection between a programmer and a singer????? strange....
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    I wonder who will be next to have their own programming lang has musk already got one?
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