Unit tests bad

(I have no energy to write smth funnier and more elaborate, sorry)

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    Rants don’t have to be funny. It’s ok.
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    I think mainly TDD is bad. Unit tests per se help me the most to verify that a project still works after changes.
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    unit tests good.

    managers who insist on unit tests bad.

    TDD is an interesting concept, but you need someone who's very good at writing tests AND understanding the requirements. and when you have someone like that, you'd rather employ them as coder.
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    @tosensei we only need good unit tests. But good unit tests are essentially a declarative description of the logic. They’re declarative code. So, why just not… to use… you know, just the regular code?
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    @tosensei you can derive the whole logic from just the proper tests. They contain as much info as the code itself
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    @kiki it depends when you write them and with what purpose. It seems there are some things you don't know that you don't know about unit tests.

    Learn the Tracer Bullet technique, described in the Pragmatic Programmer book. Might blow your mind.
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