I probably found this here but idc.

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    Oh crap I just realized that I posted this here like a month or two ago and now I can’t take down the meme noooooooo pls don’t ban me for reposting
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    This button doesnt do anything but let me try
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    @joewilliams007 NoOooOooOoOoooOOOo
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    Alternative from the same universe

    Programmer 1: here guys, my repo contains x framework to do y thing for z projects. I suggest using the x.y.z release version and progressively update as new features come in. Doc is here if you want to use it properly.

    Programmer 2 and 3: *copies whole repo source code on develop-test branch in his own repo instead of making a submodule, installing the lib, reading the doc or something*

    Programmer 2 and 3: plz give me code example it does not work.

    Programmer 1: please kill me swiftly
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