Large majority of rants is about incompetent project managers.
No matter where you live the problem stays the same. Most of them have no clue how software is being made and how dev/qa work looks like.
I frankly do not understand this phenomena. I have friends in automotive/constructions industry and theirs managers are engineers too in that field. Why it can't be the same in software development?

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    Because it's rare to have a technical project manager, let alone one that was a dev.

    It's a pay a "friend" to deal with my shit so I don't have to role.

    Get a good, technical person in that position and shit gets done.
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    I think its also a mentality problem. A good dev is often a bit passionate about it and changing away from what you love to do is seen as a step down even if the pay is better so many that does the switch are not devs or bad devs.

    In the automotive industry you might go manager later in the carrier, in dev you switch to another dev job.

    And frankly, there are not enough senior devs to cover the need for managers.
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    The hard thing about IT is that it was hyped.

    Same like e.g. super food. Everyone buys it for dubious reasons like it is a miracle cure it all. Suddenly brains out, must buy it, no matter what.

    IT suffers extremely - not only in management - from the hype.

    Digitalization then added kerosene to this shit show. Suddenly there was an extreme need for managers.

    I know a few companies where they had to hire for IT administration and it went **really** like this: Eh... So... We need someone to handle IT management, to talk and coordinate with our several service providers... Anyone knows a bit about that? XY: Yeah... I have a nephew who knows stuff. Can learn from him about it....
    Great. You got the job.

    The kerosene was then finally lit as the "career changer" wave started.

    Bootcamps, advanced trainee programs, certifications blablabla.

    Thar's how we got the clusterfuck of clueless idiots, plus clueless idiots who think they knew everything, plus clueless idiots who just want to get either money or who seek a job so they can let loose their inner control freak sociopath / psychopath attracted by the hype.

    Problem is: You can't get rid of them.

    And if you do, they just switch companies.
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    Everybody wants to work in "High-Tech".

    They made up all these jobs to bring non-tech people in.. POs, PMs, Scrum "Masters"...

    I always love to think about the early days of Microsoft, Apple, Id games - few engineers in a garage, doing what they know and believe.

    They don't need a PM to tell them anything. Shit turned out great!
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    The main problem is: Try finding a dev. If you found one, do you really want to make him a PM or PO? Or would you rather use the skills for actual work. This leaves the other jobs to ... well ... the rest.
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