I’ve had a complicated relationship with my mother for as long as I remember and made the decision years ago to more or less cut her out of my life. I thought if anything happened to her, I’d be okay, that it wouldn’t affect me.

But my mum died on Sunday.

And I’m not okay.

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    Well emotions and bonds aren't that simple as it sometimes seems.

    Take my virtual hug and go get Ice Cream you will feel better after some time
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    Heh, I had the same thing happen to me at the start of the year but with my father. Complicated relationship. Most of the time I felt like I hate him lately. But then my mom called one day that dad died and it broke me.

    Loss hurts, and it hurts deep and long. I felt empty for weeks despite not really seeing eye to eye with my father for long time... That being said, knowing that I will never see him again, and I completely lost my chance to possibly make thing better... It hurt. It got better with time and Im ok now, people die, It's just normal and I knew it back then, but only time heals everything...

    That being said, even over half a year later I miss him.

    Im sorry for your loss, it gets better. <3
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    I’m sorry to hear this - I hope you are able to take time to grieve
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    At least, you now can keep her in good memory with very low propability of her intervening.

    Take your time and mourn properly.
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    @arcioneo Do you not feel it’s appropriate? I’m sensing sarcasm.
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    @AmyShackles I think is like shitting in a urinal; Yes, you can do it, but is not the right place
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    @kiki :( Yours reads like stepmother. So sorry
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    Be strong girl
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    Take a virtual hug! <3
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    Was away when mom died.
    Eventually learned what she was
    That hurt more than her dying
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    I feel given how my dad pointed out things that didn't make sense that he's the one who cared even if he was a monster
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    But who knows
    Never got to confront him before the real one died
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    Hang in there! ♥️
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