Me: So you have no work experience, and majored in liberal arts, but you did go through a 6 months bootcamp, right?
Candidate: Yeah.
Me: sounds good, we will have to work together with you for a long while until you become independent, but I think you can definitely do this. What are you salary expectations?
Candidate: I'm thinking of 5000.
Me: Aight, thanks for your time! We'll send you more details later

Around here, 5000 (arbitrary made up number) is what you pay someone with around 3 years of experience at least. It's always these pampered fucks from rich countries that want to earn a shitton of money for the grand effort of going to a goddamn bootcamp for some months. That is their definition of effort and hard work, because it seems they've never once in their lives had any sort of hardship or struggle beyond crying that dad got them an Android instead of an iPhone. If you leave them alone they can't do jack shit because they've never worked in real, big projects, so you gotta invest a lot of time in them. Which is fine, everyone starts from somewhere. But what kinda balls do you have to demand a mid level salary when you have done basically nothing so far, and your knowledge is superficial at best?

I know that a lot of jobs and recruiters give bottom of the barrel shit, but I swear some candidates are insane. Unpopular rant I assume but I just needed to scream a bit.

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    I don't think anyone demanded anything in the example you gave
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    @electrineer the way I worded it yeah. The real cases I have it was indeed a demand.
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    I've seen this with interns too. Some are great but most are not worth the light of day. Just there because they have to be there if they even show up at all. Scrolling around in YouTube and what not the whole day.
    Thinking they are going to be CEO or at least CEO level salary just by sitting trough school.
    We've ejected quite a lot of them dumb fucks.

    Also what you said about iPhone stuck a cord with me. In "the playlist" there is a episode where an artist is so poor she can't afford an iPhone for her daughter and all the other kids at school have one. The horror!!!
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    New grads need to know that you’re (likely) not getting a six figure salary straight outta college or bootcamp unless you join a FAANG or you’ve done some really wicked projects on your own which is rare for anyone who just graduated.
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    If you don't want this, then just put the damn number in the job spec so it's in the open, and let people apply. If you make it a mystery then *of course* people are going to start with a higher number so they don't get lowballed. I'd advise anyone to do the same.

    Besides, this is just the start of a salary negotiation. Not willing to pay that? No problem, let them know your maximum offer and see what they do. If they take it great, if not then walk.
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    And making matters worse is if you give them the idea, that job hopping will give them basically an unlimited salary after like 4 hops.
    Nope! Thats only if you are actually good and you can't really get your worth out of the current company.
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    @AlmondSauce It is written right there, as a range based on experience. They assume that they'll get the highest number with their zero experience.
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    It’s a tactic called negotiation, and based on your emotional response, it is working.
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    @galena yeah I always found that silly, bc no one will give you a raise just bc you’re from somewhere else! If your experience and interview performance isn’t enough for your dream salary, you won’t get it.
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    @phat-lasagna true. and on his point of inexperience, they probably have a misconception on salary ranges in the tech world and/or is another new person wanting to get rich quick through tech.
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