Never! Deploy! To production! On Thursday! *banging my head against the wall*
Now I need to revert some things manually on production ON MY DAY OFF 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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    never deploy.
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    @Noook we're not working on Fridays, so yea, you can say that
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    @m144 4-day week or do you work on weekends?
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    Working on Sundays 😅
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    Yes, do it on Friday!
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    You should strive to deploy to prod several times a day.

    Automate everything, including rollbacks. Set up o11y into the automation and metrics for the apps themselves.
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    Deploy on sunday so that you get whole week to fix the stuff
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    Thursday is a good day(in general) I think.

    is still a working day (weekend would be hell) and if anything fails you can continue tomorrow
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