I quit my job. Today was my last day. Feels so good to get rid of the toxic workplace attitude.
I really wish someday managers understand the difference between an estimate and deadline, will reduce the pressure on devs.

I'm glad that I can take a break and explore what I want to do next 😀

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    Explain in details what was wrong. Im gonna be leading team of devs in the future as a company. Tell me so i learn what not to do
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    @phat-lasagna no u
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    @phat-lasagna i already know but curious to see if theres something else im missing
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    @b2plane my learnings from this job -

    1. Set realistic expectations from all stakeholders, especially non tech managers who think coding is a piece of cake
    2. Writing good code is hard and takes a lot of effort to keep it clean. It takes just one bad apple to ruin the whole thing.
    3. Toxic culture is so bad for your mental health. Do not ignore it.
    4. There's a local saying, which basically translates to - some people think that 9 women together can give birth in a month, meaning some managers think that putting more devs on something will halve the time taken on a project. Stand your ground and don't compromise at the cost of your health.
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    Manager's just want results
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    Congrats! May only goodness come your way in your future endeavors!
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    @b2plane our new tech lead asked the same question, my answer was:

    So if we could change things - I would try to:

    - focus on code quality - do the better testing, review, do not forget tech debts and documentation. Increase code test coverage.

    - take less tasks into sprint, account for shitty code we have from previous generations, account that our code is complex to understand and work with. We never finish sprints without items we haven't even started, not because lack of motivation or hard work.

    - change management style - asking "is it done yet" twice per day is too much (I am talking about whole culture in general). We give status updates every morning, why ask the same question 6PM? What is the point of such pressure?

    - spend less time in meetings. Before lunch - I spent about 1:45 talking and listening. Not programming
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    @gto3000 regarding the amount of tasks in the sprint, who has been setting them? QA or someone else? And who do you believe is the best and right person to set the amount of tasks per sprint?
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    @mangodb If your manger is toxic so dont do work on this company its not good for your health and also on your mental health also so just left the job and find a way to earn money form your skill I have suggestions for you can teach coding on YouTube it's a best platform where you can earn money easily just give your 100% 😊 you can get fame from YouTube
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    @b2plane the total number of items is sprint is decided by developer count multiplied by x points. As most tasks are evaluated by team and project manager who is having right to make "executive decisions" on points.

    What is picked - decided by everyone but developers. Only things that are blocking (e.g. CI/CD fixes) get pushed from us. We have no word what is going to be picked otherwise. Including high - paying clients.

    In my opinion - i will try to fight for tech-debt having at least 20% of capacity and question manager as much as possible on tasks which have 1 story point, but does not look like it, due to context switching or just fucked up legacy codebase.

    If that does not change - I'll start looking for work elsewhere because it taxes me on all levels.
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    Congrats, good for you sir
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