So uh... I got fired today. I asked them what could be the reasons. They told me that I am "capable" and a bunch of positive things. I asked them can't the reason they fire me is due to all the positive things. Is there a particular reason?

I asked them the reasons again and again. They say was all fine.

Then the email stated I am fired due to "Not working, not contributing and underperforming". Which I asked them to clarify.

They say they prefer someone who has a corporate mentality and is obedient. As more ideas will cause "unrest" for the company.

I am genuinely confused.

Anyway, I am back to freelancing.

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    Obedient? As in just do as told and do not question the given design?
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    @ars1 actually I am confused by this as well. I don’t know what they meant.
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    Sorry to hear that. Seems like a shitty company anyway.
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    If they're willing to fire you for reasons they're unwilling to tell you, I think it was a losing game anyway. You can't comply if prosecution precedes feedback.
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    @ars1 Sounds like a government department !

    You'd think we might have learned from examples like this:

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    more ideas will cause "unrest" for the company.


    So your an ideas person !

    I hear some companies like those types.
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    U should namedrop them so none of us ever work for them
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    Wow, way to HR-copypasta their way out.


    Still, it seems to me you'll be better off in the long run.

    Some companies are just bureaucracy and like their corporate drones, and you aren't like that.

    Thankfully, there are many companies who value resourceful, rigorous, and technically creative people.
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    @phat-lasagna o can’t I had signed a legal document that I can’t mention company name or have constructive feedback on company’s products.

    Otherwise I am getting sued .

    (Unless there’s a platform where I can do so privately )
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    I send you all the virtual hugs I have, and I'm not sending more, because otherwise it would be DDoS.

    The very thing they fired you for is the thing I was _hired_ because of. Well, in corps politics outweigh talent, but in startups, at least good ones, your talent is appreciated, and if it contradicts some politics, then that politics is thrown away immediately. If you are of exceptional talent, you deserve all the exceptions in the world to be made just for you.

    If you're not talented, then chances are you're the majority, and you are probably okay with corporate politics. And if you're not okay with it, then chances are you have your own opinions, and chances are you're talented, so you deserve special treatment and recognition.

    Don't worry my friend. You have to start your first three businesses as quickly as possible, or at least actively search for the company that appreciates something other than profits.
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    @johnmelodyme what was the exact wording in the contract? You can likely imply the company by describing it while not mentioning it. We'll mention it for you.
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    "you have too many ideas" is not a valid reason to fire someone, doubly so if it came out of the blue and they made no attempt to address the issue with you beforehand (this goes for any reason that isn't gtfo immediately worthy).

    You should sue for unfair dismissal.
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    To play devil's advocate: maybe some colleagues or managers complained about you or your ideas and said "but don't mention anything that could point to me saying that" which would be a reason they are so vague and just consider it as causing "unrest"
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    That doesn't sound like any programming job I ever heard of

    Exceptions being if the course has already been selected for particular requirements then concerns are welcome if they don't make you seem stupid

    There is pressure to be thorough after you've been somewhere awhile and given the time sensitive bullshit

    But never heard the words "be a dog" included
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    Though you may find my tone maybe a bit too "intimate"...

    Sweetie, ain't nothing to be confused or mad about.

    In a nutshell, you pointed out flaws, you made your opinion clear, and that pissed off people in the upper chain.

    Most likely people with a certain "worldview" stuck in their brain that they're not your employer, but rather your "patriarch" / "matriarch" and you should kiss their arses for giving you a loan to feed yourself.

    As you disturbed their "worldview" by not respecting their authority, they just fired you for any reason they can come up with. Because it's better to fire you as soon as possible before anyone else in the "family" (company would be wrong...) gets the same wrong ideas of having a spine and telling those fuckers that getting a loan doesn't mean that you need to have "Kadavergehorsam". (Corpse obedience / Corpse like obedience).

    Live your life free, instead of wasting it on such fuckwads. Even work should make you happy - at least sometimes.
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    I've just decided Kadavergehorsam is to be my next necromancer character in any RPG 😄
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    @FoolsGambit Just reported to the Labour office. They will take this case . I will see what happens.
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