Did any of you managed to pull off 2 fulltime positions while working remotely? What was your experience? Im working in one job where I have standups late in the evening and in a given week I work maybe max 10 hours. Im thinking of finding another fulltime job.

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    I got a 1 full-time and a 1 part-time thing going. Plus I have a YouTube channel. It's chill af as of now.

    I have done 2 full-timers for a short amount of time cuz that didn't work out. I attempted making up for the break/lost time on Saturdays and Sundays working extra. And that only added to the stress levels. Felt burnt out all the time as a bonus. I'm telling you its not worth it.
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    soo you're the kind of worthless asshole that ruins it for the rest of us?
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    @tosensei Im the kind of asshole who can deliver in 10 hours a week and Im tired of picking up your slack because you are fucking incompetent. Is it a crime to use my time in a second job, if first job requires only 30 percent of my time and effort?
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    maybe you could outsource parts of your job to a junior
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    @topsecret230 then go contracting.

    if you're paid for 40 hours, you work 40 hours, it's that simple.

    or: you decide it's okay if your employer does the same thing - if paying 30% of your salary is enough to keep you alive, then it's okay to only pay 30%
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    @tosensei You are an idiot.
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    @topsecret230 well - one of us is.

    but if it's me, at least i'm an honest idiot.
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