So its 6+ years of writing code, learning new things and I still find coding amaizing and kinda enjoy it
Thot I would be sick of it and doing somthing else

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    Depends, at the same time I'm more certain than ever to never want to touch .NET for example.
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    Lol.... Been working with python ever since
    Haven't faced much difficulties
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    @Taqsblaz3 As long as it isn't python 2 heh
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    @ElectroArchiver hahaha..... Naah dropped python2 2019
    On python 3.10... will wait a couple months before jumping onto 3.11
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    @ElectroArchiver let's get wasted and throw a Cringe LAN Party Hackaton where the only soft tech allowed is cringe things like old .net and php 5.4, joomla, etc., svg and html5 are forbidden, use small grainy gifs
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    @kiki Are you sure this isn't a ploy to torture me?

    (((ʘ ʘ;)))
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    20 years and I haven't gotten bored yet, of any stack. I am a bit reluctant about what's microsoft selling these days though. I am not really interested in their NET MAUI. Flutter seems better in every aspect.
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    @Kernel same, I love to implement and to make use of new stuff I learn but hate the learning process itself and I have to make huge efforts to stay focused while I consume technical book/video courses
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