I'll move in with my girlfriend in August. So it's time to get a cleaning robot!
To either iRobot Roomba or Neato Botvac.

Which would you suggest and why? From the readings I've done so far, when it's about performance it's Roomba 980 >= Botvac Connected > Roomba 880, but then again the Roomba 980 is a lot more expensive.

Is there a dev, as lazy as I am with hands on expirience?

Note: there will be only a small carpet below the table in the living room and the appartment will have 4 rooms: living, sleeping, kitchen and bath. As the house is a little older, there's a "obstacle" the doors between the rooms to climb of about 1cm.

Thanks for suggestions in advance. On another note: I'm planing to get connected lightbulps and speakers, so we'll be able to control most of the stuf from our smartphones. So far I don't see any advantages, incorporating a vacuum bot in there, as long as you can set a scedule, any thoughts on that?

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    @Torbuntu we don't have pets yet... But we're actually thinking about adopting a dog.
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    You get a multi function household appliance when she moves in.
    Why buy anything else? /S
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    @DjSall could be linked to me not being a sexist jerk and us sharing the housework ;)
    (Assuming the `/S` indicates your comment is sarcastic)
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    @pascalwacker /s is sarcasm...................
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    @DjSall just realized that after I replied, still there are a lot of people thinking that way, so you never know.
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